Release your inner child and draw all over the walls of our Big Draw interactive exhibition, it’s taking place at the Great Bow Wharf in Langport this October. We have covered the walls with plain wall paper and are encouraging everyone to grab a pencil and draw a story on the wall. Don’t worry this time you won’t get in trouble! We want the stories to reflect a change in you, your life or your surroundings. This could be something like finally growing that mustache you’ve always wanted or Francois your pen pal visited and you went up Glastonbury Tor. Let your imagination run away with you, the possibilities are endless, reach for the stars (when I say stars I mean pencils) … and any other encouraging cliques you can think of. This exhibition ties in with Jethro Brice and Seila Fernandez’s Some:when exhibition which is also held at the Great Bow Wharf for Somerset Art weeks. Their project revolved around the creation of a Somerset flatner, a traditional local boat used on the levels. This exhibition will showcase the boat itself along with artwork made by children and young people, and documentation of a celebratory journey on the River Parrett in summer of 2015. There will also be an exhibition of photography from Gideon Mendel in the Kitchen at the Wharf. Gideon’s exhibition “Drowning World” focuses on the Somerset and Thames Valley floods of winter 2013-14; the images show landscapes vanishing under water and portraits of local residents. The Campaign for Drawing’s annual festival The Big Draw, takes place each year in over 20 countries around the world, with 1000+ events taking place over October. This year’s Big Draw theme is “Every Drawing Tells a Story”. Somerset Art Weeks is an annual countywide celebration of the variety and quality of contemporary visual art that can be found in Somerset. Each year SAW produces education resources to encourage schools to view Somerset Art Weeks as a provider of fantastic opportunities right on their doorstep.