Along the Riverbank - Creative skills training for KS1 and KS2 teachers, support staff and parent helpers

Thursday 28th February 2013
1.30pm – 6.00pm
Great Bow Wharf, Langport

To increase confidence and skills with wet and dry media – ideas for classroom activities which will challenge the most able and support those who need it.

You will work with experienced artists and educators, Sara Dudman and Jon England in this half-day workshop – they will take you by the hand on an adventure in painting, drawing and mark-making – exploring your own potential as an artist and equipping you with skills, confidence and understanding to take straight back into your classroom!
This workshop is inspired by the practical sketchbook workshops which were led by Jon and Sara at the SPAEDA art education conference in June. You don’t need to have come before, but if you did – this is different and we think you might love it!!


Plan of Activities:
Forming a creative toolkit for mapping and recording a walk in the vicinity of the Great Bow Wharf, including the creation of ‘network drawings’ using plants collected nearby, the taking of ‘colour notes’ in watercolour and the use of simple analogue recording devices.


Walk Outside:  Delegates will work in a row along a hedgerow/riverbank to make close-up studies in ink and watercolour. (Duration dependent on weather conditions, please come dressed for the weather and bring coats and wellies)


Back in Classroom:  Recordings made outside will be used as source material for large-scale works using drawing, painting and mono printing, working freehand and with projection.  Coloured bases will be laid down using coloured inks and watered down acrylic paint and utilising the elements of wind, water and gravity.  Mono-print bases will reflect the tracks and traces left by our movement through the landscape and items collected on the walk.  Adding drawn linear detail and/or impasto colour using oil pastel and turps-substitute will create dense multi-layered artworks.
Unlock your own inner artist – and then go back to school and help the children do the same
All materials to be provided

£60.00 per person
£45.00 for membership schools
To book a place contact
01458 254 262