Please find a link below for a short survey on behalf of Creative Somerset aimed at Mapping the Needs of the Cultural Sector in Somerset.

A number of Creative Industries in Somerset are working together to create an umbrella organisation (Creative Somerset) that will act as a county-wide umbrella group. A single point of contact that will facilitate and coordinate a dynamic and evolving range of individual creative hubs, thereby linking the arts and creative industries more closely in order to maximise their economic potential for the county. 

The aim is to establish Creative Somerset as a model that best serves the diverse range of needs of the county's arts constituents as well as setting up a way of working that is sustainable in the long term.

The main priorities for the new organisation will be:

1. To act as a point of contact and a conduit for funding.

2. To develop a Creative Apprenticeship scheme and support emerging leaders.

3. To support and develop existing leaders in the county.

In order to ensure we best serve the needs of the cultural sector in Somerset we are asking for feedback from as many people as possible who work or volunteer in the arts. This could be as part of an organisation, as an individual or as a creative practitioner.

Please take just 5 minutes to complete the short survey - your responses are invaluable to us and will help shape the organisation to best work for you.

Follow the link to the survey -