Reveal Innovation a call for ideas

Would you like to create a piece of sound and moving image based multi-screen work and show it in the Bridgwater Engine Room studio between 5 and 10 December?  The award is intended for up-and-coming digital artist/film-makers and comprises £500 and the exclusive use of our studio and selected equipment for a three day build and a five day show which we will widely publicise.  Entries have to be with us by 12 noon on Friday 28 October.

Phil Shepherd, Facilitator for Somerset Film, says “Reveal works strategically across the county to raise the profile of the visual and digital arts in the county.  For a lot of people here and across rural Somerset contemporary work is rarely available. Along with projects like the recent Night of Light at Hestercombe Gardens the Innovation award is part of addressing that deficit.  In essence it’s about making a piece of imaginative and inspiring work using the assets of the Engine Room to be supported by our studio manager and crew.   Following the success of Jake Ayres’s ‘gifting’ project at the Engine Room last year (archived at  we are again looking for a truly innovative piece of work – in any media, single or multiple - video, photography, sound, games – offline or online - which pushes boundaries, challenges preconceptions of what digital art is all about  - and above all engages with the wider public.

Let us have your ideas, surprise us with your audacity and fresh approach, we’re looking for something that may challenge, may amuse, may take us out of our comfort zones but above all we want a work that truly engages, that opens conversations in all sorts of people’s heads, that is accessible without being patronising, that reminds us how art can change people’s lives.

There are very few caveats – it’s got to be legal and achievable using the kit we can offer and the £500 expenses available.  It’s got to fit our building without impeding the café trade and upsetting the neighbours!  There may or may not be some space available outside the building depending on what you want to do.  There is just one award available but could be given to a small team if it’s the idea we think will work best.

You might want well to get in touch to discuss your initial idea before submitting something to us but this is not a pre-requirement.  You almost certainly need at least to know the geography of our site and probably the ‘feel’ of the place also.

Let’s start the conversation soon, get in touch as you need to get your ideas to us on two sheets of A4 max (email is fine) with CV by 12 noon on 28th October latest.  Please note – absolutely no previous experience is necessary to apply for this award, if you don’t even have a CV, still apply!