Traditional & Contemporary pan-African Dance & Improvised movement workshop with Denise Rowe

As Autumn draws in, Earth Dances is an invitation to embrace our fullness in movement, stillness, celebration and rest.  The workshop will explore rhythm, embodiment and connection with a sense of playful exploration, finding our common ground in fluidity around the rhythm and in gratitude for the gift of being alive!

Sunday 9th October, 2-5pm

Limpley Stoke Village Hall, Near BATH

 plus save the dates, the next workshops will be 13th November and 11th December

Earth Dances is suitable for all abilities and will have gorgeous live music from Omer Makessa and Kayali Roots

 Denise Rowe is a movement artist, dancer, choreographer and musician with over ten years experience leading pan-African dance and movement workshops around the world.

for more info contact Denise:  01225 722843     07723329414

“When we dance, the earth dances”