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SAW Making Matters – Compass Disability and SCC Adult Social Care

Artist Brief

SAW Making Matters Intergenerational Project

The key aims of this project:

  • To bring together 25 volunteers - young disabled volunteers aged 16-18 who are currently going through the transition process and older (50+) disabled & non-disabled volunteers from the Adult Social Care Learning & Development Hub and the Parents Group.
  • To create an accessible and inclusive environment that enables the volunteers to explore and share together the different groups issues, needs & feelings around the theme of transition.
  • For the younger disabled volunteers to learn from the older disabled volunteers and non-disabled volunteers and vice versa e.g. through the sharing of ideas and experiences new relationships are formed and connections are made bridging the generation gap and bringing increased understanding of what it is like to be young, or grow older.
  • To make something based around the theme of transition.
  • To engage artist(s) to facilitate the making process.
  • At the initial intro session the group will explore how they want the project to develop and what they want to make, guided and facilitated by the artist.
  • As an extension of the making process a resource will be created (eg a leaflet) that provides information about transition for young people, their families and workers (all information will be provided).  For example images of the artwork created may illustrate this. 
  • To contribute to making the transition process a positive experience for young people and their families.
  • To provide the younger people with positive role models from the older age group.

Planned activity:

Artist(s) will be engaged to facilitate the group and develop the creative activity.  More than one artist may be engaged depending on skills sets required and direction of the project as explored by the volunteers.

January 2011 – introductory and fact finding session with whole group.  What do we want to do / make in this project? Includes a making activity as well as exploring ideas.

February  - The larger group splits to 2 smaller groups of approx 12 people. 

Each group attends approx 2 half day workshops to develop the project.

March – Early March additional 2 half day workshops for those who wish to help finish the project.

Mid-March – project celebration and end.


Project planning and volunteer recruitment, Nov 10 -Jan 11 (SAW /Compass)

Artist recruitment - Dec 10 (SAW)

Set workshop dates – Dec/ Jan (SAW/ Compass/ Artist)

Artist R and D, getting to know project – Dec/ Jan

Ideas development and taster session with volunteers – mid Jan

Workshop days – February

Finishing project activity – Early March

Project celebration and end – Mid March

The Artist Role

This activity of this project will be group generated. The artist will facilitate the group in exploring ideas around what they want to make and do and be able to responsively deliver a range of inclusive craft based activities. 

It may be that one artist leads the overall facilitation and activity then another artist is engaged to deliver specific skills based sessions as the project progresses.

The artist will need to be flexible and responsive to allow the group to influence the direction of the project.

Overall Artist time allocated for this project – 7 Days @ £200

One artist may deliver both part a and b, or one artist may lead on the project with part a and a second artist is engaged to bring in specific skills and deliver part b.

Part a

.5 day with Compass

1 day R&D

.5 day intro with groups 

2 days  - deliver workshops (4 x half day)

1 day to complete work, exhibit

.5 day launch event                                                             Total 5.5 days @ £200 = £1,100

 Part b

1 day - deliver workshops  (2 x half day)

.5 days to complete work                                                    Total 1.5 days @ £200 = £300

Materials budget – up to £500

Person Specification

In recruiting the artist(s) a track record in creative interaction with people will be specifically looked for.  The ability to work closely and sensitively with people and communities and engage them in the creative process are key aspects of the brief and process.

An artist applying for this role will need to:

  • be an excellent facilitator and communicator
  • be skilled in engaging and working with people from diverse backgrounds and differing needs
  • be experienced in delivering inclusive and accessible workshops
  • have an awareness of the issues that may affect younger and older members of  communities.
  • experience, or understanding of, intergenerational practice is desirable.
  • have a commitment to innovative arts practice and the sharing of high quality creativity.
  • have the ability to manage workload with minimal supervision, this will include good organisational skills, report writing, paperwork, time management etc
  • have a working knowledge of health and safety and child/ vulnerable adults protection issues (CRB, public liability insurance, risk assessments etc)


Staff from Compass Disability will be present at all sessions.  Some members of the group may have quite complex needs it will therefore be imperative that there are support workers and speech therapists etc to enable the volunteers to fully participate in the process.  Volunteers may have learning, physical and/or mental disabilities.

Equal Opportunities

The appointment procedures for these commissions will be carried out in accordance to SAW equal opportunities policy.

Terms and Conditions

The project is administered by SAW.

All appointed artists will be self-employed and be responsible for their own tax and N.I. payments.

Artists will need to show evidence of CRB clearance (issued in the last 2 years) and public liability insurance. 

New CRBs will be applied for by SAW.

All project activity is subject to available budget


How to Apply

Email application to Beccy Swaine 

Closing date 5pm Tues 21 December

Put ‘Lead Artist Application’ in the subject field

We will confirm receipt of email applications

Total attachment size to be no more than 2MB

You will need to:

Write a short statement ( 1 to 1.5 page A4 max) about your practice


Why you are interested in this project

How you would approach the project

The skills you could bring to the project

Relevant experience

Attach three examples of your work, text and images or links to online examples (eg project websites).

An indication of your availability during the period Jan to March 2011.

Provide the names and contact details, telephone/ address/ email for 2 referees.


Any queries please email