As you are probably aware Somerset Country Council have made the decision to cut 100% of next year’s £159,000 arts development budget.

Thank you to everyone who has written letters of support and who came out to join us on 1st November to protest against the decision.

Spaeda are obviously disappointed with the outcome of the decision, but would like to reassure all our artists, schools and other service users that we are working hard to replace this funding and reorganise our service delivery to reflect these changes.

Please note that no changes to the school membership scheme will take effect during the current academic year. Next Spring we will be consulting with our membership schools and will inform all schools of any changes to our services for 2012/13.

Somerset’s arts organisations are now aiming to present a petition signed by at least 5,000 people who live, study or are employed in Somerset.

If you would like to have your say, you can help by signing the online Save Somerset Arts Funding petition at and by forwarding this message to eligible friends, family and colleagues - you have to live, study or be employed in Somerset to be eligible to sign.

This petition needs to be signed by 16 December and is open to all ages but Under 18s must get permission from a parent or carer.