On 5th February 2020 we successfully raised £500 with 22 supporters in 48 days!This money all goes towards creating and running the All Weather Art Club, to help provide those living with a disability, and their families, a safe space to gain confidence, inspiration and enjoyment through arts and nature.We are very excited about this project and can't wait to run it and this couldnt be possible without the help of all those who donated. We want to give a very big thank you to:

  • Shaun Murphy
  • Jill Talbot 
  • Victoria Arnold 
  • Katherine Peckitt
  • Alec Ruthven
  • Peter Creasey
  • Helen Peters
  • Katherine Creasey 
  • Sharon Bonnici-Roberts
  • Jenna Creasey 
  • Jake Crump
  • Laura Perry 
  • Janet McMillan
  • Haidee Hughes 
  • Marc Rothwell
  • Ian & Kerry Roberts 
  • and all the others who donated who liked to stay anonymous!

What is the All Weather Art club?